@twelvety I do like this look. This is your (astronomically) cheaper Leica Q monochrome. 😅

@twelvety I used to have a Nikon D40 and then a D7000 which I used with a 18-200 superzoom. Wasn’t the lightest setup but was so versatile and I took a look of my favourite photos with it. I then upgraded to D7200 which was now 24mp and all it did was just highly the flaws in the lens and made me not like it anymore. So absolutely agree with sensors. Unless you go to larger sensor sizes… 😅

@twelvety I also like the idea of finding an older, used camera. It’s funny that when I was looking at the X100F to buy, I also looked at the X-T2 (which was new then) but it was $1500 or whatever. Several years later I buy it used for about $450. Yes, there’s the XT3 and XT4 now but the XT2 is still good enough for me.

@twelvety thanks for that. I’ll have a look through those links. For about 2-3 years the only camera I had was the X100F. It was/is great but last year I picked up a X-T2 and with the X100F breaking twice made me consider selling it and getting something different. The x100 series are small but still large compared to the Ricoh. Just not sure about the 18mm on the Ricoh!

@rom Reddit is the only one I’ve kept. I found being very selective with subreddits helps. But I do still catch myself endlessly scrolling…😔

@twelvety I recently printed a black and white photo using colour setting instead of grey scale. Was by mistake thinking it was a different picture, but I think it turned out better than with greyscale. No more slight blue tinge.

@twelvety I normally research new things to death, so buying it virtually on a whim was unusual. I have a slight worry that it was the wrong choice. I just don’t want to go and prove myself wrong! The free prints from app is probably the best part, and without that I think an ink tank printer might be better. I got 6 months of free prints from promos and I’ll probably go to the £2/month for 50 pages a month. Oh and HP tracks you via apps, so there’s that. But the joy of just printing photos is good 😊

@twelvety I’m liking it, I’ve printed off quite a few pictures to post to family and stick on the fridge. B&W photos so have a slight blue tinge but generally not noticeable unless compared side by side to a true B&W photo. Im imagining a blog post about it but I’m not good at actually writing in a blog!

Oh and here was me thinking no one was reading the wiki 😅

@jack I can imagine a frustrated printer, who is scratching his face in frustration, rubs the film and suddenly realises a handy fix. It's a very detailed book, going into all the printing techniques. I'm only part way through but it's a good reference. Was also only equivalent of $1 used!

@baldur looks like a good opportunity to have some “fun” with those that hotlink images 😈

@wilsongis pen and paper…have you tried bullet journal? I don’t use all of it but adapted (simplified) to my needs. I’ve tried lots of apps but find I actually do work with pen and paper system vs. electronic one. Too much scope for fiddling with them!

@vincent then you configure the websites and then…do nothing? That’s my usual sequence of events.

@Munish Thank you. I have about 300 odd, these were the ones where he’d written on dates/locations. However, he was an avid photographer and film maker and there were many more that I saw as a child but all been lost over the years.

@jack it’s amazing the brass can make such a noticeable difference.

The nice thing with a new Lecia is avoiding the endless trawling for used models and comparing prices and conditions and taking a gamble on the real condition.

@twelvety I will! Need to sort out my microblog and maybe even all the rest of my websites…but that’s painful…

@twelvety It’s ordered! People are going to be sick of all the photos I print out 😅 Also ordered some 300 gsm photo paper to test it out with.

@twelvety That was the clincher! I’m just doing a bit more googling and reading reviews before I get it. I only have a B&W laser for documents but the family complains about not being able to print colour. I’d like it for photos. The free smartphone photos is a nice selling point. Maybe one day they’ll decide to turn that off though…