@bsag we'll buy a grown one and try and stop it dying 😅

@bsag They look lovely! We've been planting some pots but for some reason never considered succulents. Might need to get a few this weekend.

@bsag Decided just to go for the regular Sweep. PCB ordered, and a whole load of stuff from splitkb.com! No doubt some customs fees though... 💷

@rishabh what about various static gen tools? Hugo, Jekyll etc.

Also Wordpress.

@bsag oh! I was just thinking about those little OLEDs and wondering if they could be part of it. Just not sure about the 3rd thumb key. I’ve had split keyboards before and found having too many thumb keys made it harder to learn / design the layout. Kept wanting to put so many things in the thumb keys but then forgetting which one.

I have jlcpcb loaded up and ready to order but now I should think about this sweeeeep 🤔