The parts are here…just waiting on the PCB 🦀🧹

Time to build a new keyboard! Ordered my PCB from jlcpcb. 🦀🧹

I’m having fun playing Dark Forest - the 277DAO community round this weekend. I tell myself “just one more move” but then it’s 2 hours later 😵

E-ink success! Now to see if I can fix the dodgy soldering job so the pi zero (with wifi) will work.

It’s only taken 5 months but I’m starting!

The Pi Zero 2 doesn’t come with GPIO pins so I had to solder the header. Not a bad attempt. One pin did pop out later on.

The hardware part wasn’t very hard! Next stage is installing the software then figuring out what I’m doing with this thing! 🖼🧑‍💻

My cheap, old 2012 mac mini seems to struggle with the 50,000+ Photos library. I don’t want to buy a new one as the current 2 TB SSD will be pricey to replicate in the M1 version!

Generating lots of tiddlers

For my Meditations Tiddlywiki, I wanted to make each statement an individual tiddler. Whilst it doesn’t add a great deal to the site right now (beyond just viewing the minimum amount, the random tiddler button, and following the tiddlywiki mantra), I think it’ll be useful later on. Over time I’d like to add my own thoughts or interpretations to them, or maybe categorise favourite ones with new tags. Plus they might be useful for other people who can export tiddlers or download the file.

I had the site previously but it was one tiddler per book, and that didn’t make it very usable beyond just reading.

I find the easiest way to import lots of tiddlers is via a JSON file. Luckily I’d found a JSON file of Meditations some time ago. It’s easy to find the text but that’s not always as easily parsed as as structured document. The JSON was just book and then each line. I still needed to get the title, tags, and fields sorted out before I could import into a blank Tiddlywiki.

The general structure of JSON to be imported looks like this:

        "created": "20211215114254021",
        "text": "More content",
        "tags": "Home [[Book 1]]",
        "title": "2nd tiddler",
        "modified": "20211215114322673",
        "book": "3",
        "section": "12"
        "created": "20211215112427768",
        "text": "Content",
        "tags": "Home",
        "title": "Meditations",
        "modified": "20211215112535190",
        "section": "1",
        "book": "2"

The section and book are fields I added and the rest should be obvious. Tags with spaces need to be in [[ ]]. So all I’d need to do is iterate over the JSON file and create new entries that matched this structure.

The first issue I came across was knowing how many sections per book there are. I made a new list of the number of sections and stored that in the meditations.json file. Whilst not necessary (as I could’ve used the code to generate this later on), I thought it might be helpful and more efficient to compute it once and store the results. data is the json file as you’ll see shortly.

sectionCount = [len(data["meditations"][f"{x}"]) for x in range(1,13)]

So now that I have everything it was just a case of building the list in the format I wanted and writing it to a file. Here’s the code:

import json

with open("meditations.json", "r") as read_file:
    data = json.load(read_file)

book_names = [
    "Book I",
    "Book II",
    "Book III",
    "Book IV",
    "Book V",
    "Book VI",
    "Book VII",
    "Book VIII",
    "Book IX",
    "Book X",
    "Book XI",
    "Book XII",

result = []

for book in range(12):
    for section in range(data["sectionCount"][book]):
        book_name = book_names[book]
        title = f"{book_name} - Section {section + 1}"
        tags = f"[[{book_name}]]"
        quote = data['meditations'][f"{book + 1}"][section]

        # Create each tiddler
        entry = dict()
        entry["created"] = "-01800000000000000"  # that's 180BC
        entry["text"] = quote
        entry["tags"] = tags
        entry["title"] = title
        entry["section"] = f"{section + 1}"
        entry["book"] = f"{book + 1}"


# Write to json file
with open("tw_data.json", "w") as write_file:
    json.dump(result, write_file)

I started going down the route of converting the book number to roman numerals but given the one off nature of this I just made a list of the names I wanted for the books. 😅

I then just imported into a blank Tiddlywiki, made a few other pages and a table of contents macro tiddler and it’s good to go!

You can see the code and json data here.

Enjoyed staying at the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool this weekend. I could retire to this place.

The local scenery is incredible.

What could go wrong.

Drummer is awesome, so I made Awesome Drummer! Come contribute! 🥁

Fuji 18mm f/2 arrived. They old presentation boxes and metal hoods are lovely. It also focuses fast enough for my kids running around so, as usual, the internet exaggerates any issues.

Thanks @jack! Now to get some film for this bad boy!

Hmm my tiddlywiki stopped adding the created field to new tiddlers…which then breaks everything 🤨

Cheap skate film day.

I haven’t used this pen in years. Maybe 10+. Always preferred the convenience of cartridges. Been using it everyday for work the past month and it’s lovely. 🖋

Reading through Tim Rushton’s printing book and came across an interesting technique for removing scratches on film! 📷

This book about making Kodak film looks amazing!

Lovely evening weather for writing a letter. 🖋

Film fun 🎞📷

Playing all the Zelda 🗡🧝‍♀️

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is out on 🎮 Switch. But what if you want to play ALL the Zelda? It’s actually not too hard (ignoring the hours of gameplay), thanks to the amazing 3DS and underrated Wii U:

Wii U

  • Legend of Zelda (WiiU eShop)
  • Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link Legend of Zelda (WiiU eShop)
  • A Link to the Past Legend of Zelda (WiiU eShop)
  • Ocarina of Time (64 version, not the 3DS update, WiiU eShop)
  • Majora’s Mask (64 version, not 3DS update, on Wii eShop – requires you booting into Wii mode to buy and play)
  • Wind Waker HD (disc or WiiU eShop)
  • Minish Cap (WiiU eShop)
  • Twilight Princess (Wii version, disc only)
  • Skyward Sword (disc only)
  • Breath of the Wild


  • Legend of Zelda (eShop)
  • Adventure of Link (eShop)
  • Link’s Awakening DX (Gameboy Color version of the Gameboy title, eShop)
  • Ocarina of Time 3D (eShop or game cart)
  • Majora’s Mask 3D (eShop or game cart)
  • Oracle of Ages (eShop)
  • Oracle of Seasons (eShop)
  • Four Swords (if you downloaded it during it’s limited availability; this was a small multiplayer game that was part of the GBA port of Link to the Past)
  • Phantom Hourglass (DS, cart only)
  • Spirit Tracks (DS, cart only)
  • A Link Between Worlds (eShop or cart)

When BotW 2 comes out then you’ll also need a Switch.

Grandfather’s slides from living in Kenya in 1962

A few of the ~300+ slides

Scanned and making a photo book for my mum. You can see the slides here. 📷

Hi! Round 2. Here's hoping it'll last.

It ended with an annual subscription to (Better than monthly as (a) cheaper over 12 months, most importantly (b) will keep me incentivised longer to establish the habit.

Although, perhaps it’s starting with the subscription. 🤔

As you’ll see from the post history I started this blog last year and used it for the trial but then decided not to continue. The contents of that post are exactly true today and effectively the same journey I’ve relived the past couple of weeks. After reading Atomic Habits, I realised that I am a tremendous at being in motion and horrendous at taking action. Oh, the servers and scripts and build bots and configs and domains and clones and everything possible from Github would be tried and tested and hosted and tweaked. For weeks on end. But not a single word of content would ever get written.

I enjoy writing as a past time. I recently reopened DayOne, which I’ve had for years, and restarted the family journal. I’ve had it so long (I bought the iOS and macOS apps) that I’m a plus member. Somewhere inbetween premium and free, so that I get syncing and cloud storage. It’s always been a really well designed app and for about 2 years, or so, I journalled every day in it about our lives. I look back at them now and enjoy reading the small snippets of our life. The seemingly (at the time) nothing of note entries and fun and nostalgic to read again. I also realised that so much that went on, I have completely forgotten about. We have annual albums that my wife makes and prints out, so we “remember” events but the every day, it’s gone. I did try and restart it a few times and always felt the pressure of the missing days and thinking I should somehow go back and fill them in - which of course I couldn’t even if I tried. So I’m trying to continue that but also not sweat about missing a day or week here and there. I do want to print out the previous long run in a book for the family to enjoy, and then perhaps make it a periodic thing of printing it out.

I did wonder whether our family journal was enough. I do have my online notes, wiki style stuff, which I’ve found useful having over time, but that’s not quite the same. I’m still considering where I keep that and aggolmerating all the disperate note systems together but that’s for another evening. I’ve had a blog in some form for about 10 years. There’s probably 2 decent posts, some noise and a lot of new themes. I started asking myself “why do I want a blog?”. I asked why five times. I’m not sure I liked the answer, and tried to think of a different one to give but that was even harder. Why didn’t I like the answer? Well, it starts with I don’t like social media - I don’t like the companies, I don’t like what it does to people, and I particularly don’t like how it impacts our children. As I was answer the questions, my answers were sounding like I wanted social media. I wanted to share things because I wanted interaction, recognition, I wanted others to enjoy what I wrote. But does this mean my actions and motives are encourging social media?

Up to now, my personal blogs have been standalone websites, I have no idea if anyone ever looks at them (I’ve had maybe one comment and one email in the past 5 years) and I was fine with that as I’d carved out my space on the internet and it wasn’t being controlled or controlling anyone. One of the reasons why I barely wrote anything was because I had no motivation, because there was no interaction. (Ironically, I’d prefer CDN hosted static sites as I was worried about what would happy if “a lot of people” visited it and a php or python server on a cheap VPS would be overwhelmed). I’m not sure is exactly what I want, but seems like a reasonable middle ground. I do worry that I start scrolling the discover feed and realise an hour has gone by - exactly the behavour I want to avoid, but hopefully I can find a suitable middle ground once I work out how best to use it.

Mostly I hope the site will let me take action vs. a whole bunch of motion. Plus as a tight git 💷, the subscription should hold me accountable 😅

Currently reading: The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams 📚

My new writing buddy - Olivetti Lettera 32. Came from a charity auction and in great condition. Might need a new ribbon but current one works if I strike the keys with confidence.

The case is a little musty and the zip is broken. Suppose I could try and clean it.


The required first post to a new system. From the intro video and having a random browse around this does seem like a platform that would suit me. However, I don’t really want to pay for more internet things. I don’t want to pay for them as typically I use them for a couple of weeks (at best) and then it falls to the way side. I try to self-host things or use free services like Netlify, with github to host sites. That way I don’t waste money on stuff I don’t use.

Will be different? Not sure…probably not :)

Does make me think I should refresh all my sites and blog etc. to something that suits me more (microblogging / wiki) and just get on with it. Ah now I remember all those posts and wiki entries over the years of “where should I host x/y/z” or “do I want dokuwiki, ikiwiki or tiddlywiki?”. Round and round in circles I’d go trying this, trying that and never being satisfied. But also never really knowing what I actually wanted.

This has gone past the “hi, I’m new here” post…