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The required first post to a new system. From the intro video and having a random browse around this does seem like a platform that would suit me. However, I don’t really want to pay for more internet things. I don’t want to pay for them as typically I use them for a couple of weeks (at best) and then it falls to the way side. I try to self-host things or use free services like Netlify, with github to host sites. That way I don’t waste money on stuff I don’t use.

Will be different? Not sure…probably not :)

Does make me think I should refresh all my sites and blog etc. to something that suits me more (microblogging / wiki) and just get on with it. Ah now I remember all those posts and wiki entries over the years of “where should I host x/y/z” or “do I want dokuwiki, ikiwiki or tiddlywiki?”. Round and round in circles I’d go trying this, trying that and never being satisfied. But also never really knowing what I actually wanted.

This has gone past the “hi, I’m new here” post…